12-inch Air MacBook would enter into production in 2015

Much has been said about a MacBook Air 12-inch device that some expect as much as Apple Watch. In fact there is one thing that both could have in common: a launch in 2015. While the Apple smart clock was already confirmed to reach the shelves for the coming year, apparently it wouldn’t only. Rumors indicate that the 12 inch Air would begin to be produced between January and March of next year, according to information from the Apple supply chain. The companies that provide the Apple already are starting to accelerate the production of components. It is said that the new Air would have a processor Intel Broadwell and would be slimmer and lighter than the current.

Apparently the original production was going to start in October to a massive stage in November, but Apple plans were delayed. The latest news on the subject indicate that Quanta Computer would have a large part of the manufacturing process in his hands. It should be noted that this new model would be geared for those looking for a slim, lightweight equipment and high end. MacBook Air 12-inch supposedly would make use of a Retina display, so they do not expect to be cheap, because the Mac leading this type of screen are not.

If production really begins during the first quarter of 2015, then with a bit of luck in April or may the new notebook already would be hitting the market, a little later than Apple Watch of course, that expected for February or March. Surprisingly we are about to enter in 2015 and the Cupertino company not yet put release date to the smartwatch.

Tell us: do you like the idea of that Apple released a 12-inch MacBook Air?