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Apple introduces its new MacBook Pro

Remember that we discussed yesterday them that Apple was about to announce its new MacBook Pro? This is exactly what has happened, since the Cupertino company has just unveiled several new models that are part of its line of portable technology. Apple has introduced improved models of the MacBook Pro 13 inch and 15 inch, and obviously in all cases have a Retina display.

For starters, the new MacBook Pro 13-inch will be available in three different models. All of them has 8GB of RAM, and the differences comes one and another are in storage and processor. You can choose different processors and Core i5 and Core i7: model with Core i5 and 128 GB SSD drive costs $ 1300 for example, while a Core i7 at 2. 8 GHz with 512 GB SSD space costs $1800 dollars.

With regard to the 15 inch MacBook Pro, all models will come with 16 GB of RAM, and this amount may not be increased or decreased at the time of making the purchase not later of course. We can choose it with a processor Intel Core i7 at 2. 2 GHz, and 256 GB SSD drive and will cost us $2000, while that by opting for a Core i7 to 2.5 GHz and a 512 GB drive will cost $2500.

Other storage capacities are available, but you can set that to your liking at the moment of making the purchase, where you can also choose the accessories that you want to be included, if you want any course.

Portable new are now on sale from the Apple website, so if any are interested remember check out there.