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Seagate Announces its new 8 TB hard disk

Today 1 TB disks are small in many people, depending of course on the type of content that is stored in them. Those who have lots of videos and music at very high quality of insurance will be plenty busy, since obviously the best quality multimedia files require more storage

Alienware announces its Steam Machine

Do you remember the Steam Machines? Long ago we don't talk about them. These are the new Valve computers that come with the operating system OS, specially designed video games Steam. Through various partnerships, Valve allows the companies equipment manufacturers to design their own Steam Machines, and of course one

Acer debuts new 4K 28 inch monitor

If by chance you are looking for a monitor that is beautiful and good, but perhaps not very cheap, then then you can find it. Acer has just put on sale a new monitor with Ultra HD resolution, or 4K, as they prefer to call it. It is oriented to

Microsoft will focus more on Windows 9

We expect the arrival of more important updates for Windows 8.1? Because certainly we don't know: is said to a big update will be released this month and another similar would arrive in the course of November, although more recent information points to that Microsoft may not be so interested

Intel Broadwell chips will arrive in 2015

Seems that the expected new processors from Intel, the Intel Broadwell, could result in a substantial delay, since they would be coming to market new year coming, or at least that is what new rumors indicate. The vast majority of new chips the company 14nm will be out on sale

How to protect your personal files with a password on Mac

Your personal data is important and is afraid to see a hacker even though your computer is protected with a password, but that does not preclude anyone from breakthrough and spy on your data, especially through the use of your computer's hard drive in another machine, and for this reason

“Symantec’s leading security antivirus is dead

"Symantec's leading security antivirus is dead is considered a" Symantec "validity period Scans computers against viruses, and can be considered "dead", in the words of Brian Dai, Vice President of the company. Although the "Symantec" are located in the area of antivirus since almost a quarter of a century, but

Microsoft saves Windows XP users with urgent update

Microsoft has sought to help the estimated hundreds of millions of customers who are still using Windows XP, which the company stopped its support last month to provide urgent update to fix a serious gap in the Internet Explorer browser. Microsoft moved quickly to fix the problem after learning of the

Tips when buying a new laptop

These shortcut tips as possible which can give you dear reader on how to choose the right laptop for you. There are several factors you should put the user into account when choosing a laptop, including: do you really need a laptop? Are you constantly on the move during labour?