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Nintendo announces new models of the 3DS

The guys at Nintendo have unveiled some new models of its famous portable console, the Nintendo 3DS. The new devices are called simplementes New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS LL, and obviously retain the original console design. One of the most notable changes that we find is the addition

Sony Announces several new video games

Gamescom is next to the E3, one of the greater importance of the year video games conferences. As she was expected, many companies have been present to announce several new titles, and of course Sony is one of them. Japan has announced many games that will be coming to the

The PS4 has already sold over 10 million units

The Sony PlayStation 4 has been a highly successful console, that there is no doubt, and the company is likely to be very happy with their performance in the market. Sales began in November last year and units sold passed the million quickly. Obviously in the months after the number

Dell Announces the Alienware 13 with QHD display

Alienware is without a doubt one of the most consumed by gamers, without neglecting to Razer course. Dell has just unveiled a new laptop gamer measuring only 13 inches: it's the Alienware 13, and is powerful enough to run any game that you can think of. This is a compact

PlayStation has wide lead on Xbox

When the Sony PS4 and Xbox One of Microsoft were announced, both industry analysts and also many users and players were very interested to see the performance that would have new consoles when they arrived to the market. Some add to the Wii U this race, but the truth is

New details of Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline is the next installment of the famous shooting game series first person Battlefield. While most of the titles are focused on war conflicts among different Nations, this new game marks a before and later, since this time battle will be fought between police and robbers. The study carried

Origin launches new gamer laptop, the EVO15-S

Dreams of light and slim laptops that we can play latest games many hours now have become a reality, and the new EVO15-S of Origin PC is one of those portable. With a modern processor and a graphics card with advanced technology, in addition to a sound first, this 15

GOG releases support for 50 games on Linux

GOG, a popular site of video games and related merchandise for sale, recently announced that it now has support for a greater number of titles on Linux. The company had previously promised to expand to other system operations, and apparently is doing. Some months ago the firm announced that one

The Xbox One can play Blu-ray 3D in brief

Many people who bought the Xbox One when it was launched in November they didn't all happy to learn that the device was unable to read Blu-ray disc 3D. It is not that the hardware is not allowed to do so, but that the problem was on the side of