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Facebook still does not plan to monetize WhatsApp

Although the announcement of the acquisition of WhatsApp from Facebook was carried out several months ago, purchase was officially closed a few days ago, once the European Commission gave its approval. Now that the social network has the cross-platform of the world most popular messaging application, it is likely to

Facebook completes acquisition of WhatsApp

Have you perhaps Facebook not had purchased WhatsApp for several months? Yes, but a purchase of $19 billion of dollars and where two large companies are involved is not something that happens every day, and also requires the approval of certain regulatory authorities for the purchase may be performed. In

Available Windows 8.1 update

About a week ago Microsoft announced some details about the new Windows 8.1 update. The company said that he planned not to launch an Update 2, they would launch several larger than the traditional updates for a few months. While some hoped this month update to incorporate changes in the

Twitter has 23 million users bot

Some may remember that Twitter last month said that it might have a problem of users bots. The company did not know an exact figure, and that no doubt left many a little curious. But fortunately we have a number to share: Twitter has recently submitted a report to the

Skype for Windows 8.1 now allows to edit messages

You ever do you think on the possibility of releasing a Skype message after submitting it? Probably yes, and Microsoft apparently also has thought the same thing and in fact believe that it would be a good feature for service, therefore have decided to add it. Tuesday has been released

Yahoo Announces new coding for your email service

Alex Stamos, the head of Yahoo information security office, said several attendees of Black Hat last week that the company plans to launch a total encoding for your electronic mail service the coming year. The Internet giant is taking the same measures as one of its main rivals, Google: both

Twitter could brand new shopping service

Twitter increasingly are closer to add a choice of payments to its platform, mobile both in the desktop version. At least in the Android app many users have reported they have already seen a new option for payment and shipping of merchandise in the account settings section, although apparently it

Google acquires the Emu messaging service

Google has just confirmed the purchase of another company, and this time it's one that operates in the sector of mobile messaging. We are talking about Emu, a firm may not well known but good enough for the Internet giant show interest in it. The acquisition of Emu has been