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Lenovo launches the Yoga 3 Pro

The Lenovo guys have made the official launch of its new ultrabook, the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. We must confess that this is a really super portable and with technology, including next-generation chips. The new company convertible laptop is now available in the main markets of the world, and if

HP Stream: the new competition from the Chromebooks

HP finally has released a product that was expected for a long time: it's the Windows of the Chromebooks version. It must be clarified that this team has no relationship with the laptops that run with Chrome OS, but in what looks like it is that it will be priced

CyberPower PC presents the new Raven X 6 15-inch

CyberPower PC has just unveiled a new notebook gamer, CyberPower PC Raven X 15.6-inch 6. This notebook has a screen with Full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and LED backlight features, to which we must add an Intel processor of modern technology and a graphics card from Nvidia,

Continues to grow the sale of Chromebooks

The Gartner research firm has released a new report on the growth of the market of the Chromebooks so far for the year. In this report, the company says that the Chromebooks would sell more than 5 million units by year's end. This marks a remarkable growth compared with last

Dell Announces the Alienware 13 with QHD display

Alienware is without a doubt one of the most consumed by gamers, without neglecting to Razer course. Dell has just unveiled a new laptop gamer measuring only 13 inches: it's the Alienware 13, and is powerful enough to run any game that you can think of. This is a compact

The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is on its way

The Tablet market is one of the most competitive currently because of the many good technology devices that come from different companies. They obviously are iOS and Android who will carry more large pieces of cake, leaving smaller portions for Windows. Lenovo, a company that manufactures devices of all kinds,

New models of the Surface Pro 3 now available

The Surface Pro 3 is not only the most recent Microsoft tablet, but is also the strongest the company has released to date. Recently the technology of this device has been improved by integrating new processors Intel Core i3 and also Intel Core i7, but for now, these models are

LG Announces a new hybrid notebook with Android

The guys at LG have unveiled a new version of the Tab Book, a hybrid between tablet and notebook which was released long ago. The original version of the device runs with Windows 8.1, but in this case Android is the operating system that has been implemented. The new portable