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Apple introduces its new MacBook Pro

Remember that we discussed yesterday them that Apple was about to announce its new MacBook Pro? This is exactly what has happened, since the Cupertino company has just unveiled several new models that are part of its line of portable technology. Apple has introduced improved models of the MacBook Pro

Origin launches new gamer laptop, the EVO15-S

Dreams of light and slim laptops that we can play latest games many hours now have become a reality, and the new EVO15-S of Origin PC is one of those portable. With a modern processor and a graphics card with advanced technology, in addition to a sound first, this 15

Dell wants to sell 30 million notebooks in 2015

Say that the tablets and smartphones "killed" the laptops is a lie. Although sales have fallen, the truth is that every year many millions of laptops of all types and sizes continue to sell. Analysts who speak of the era "post-PC", which would be the current one, have simply overly

OS X Yosemite would come in October with new Mac

OS X Yosemite is the name of the next major version of Apple's operating system for computers and portable Mac. This version is entering into a phase of public beta today, so those who are interested already will go downloading it, but remember it's a beta and could therefore present

Schools and colleges are committed to the Chromebook

The iPad is still one of the most widely used in schools and colleges devices, but the Chromebooks are slowly taking away land. During the second quarter of this year, it is estimated that schools and colleges bought more than 1 million Chromebooks, laptops as we know they are very

The new 12-inch MacBook Air could be delayed

Long time we have been listening to rumors that talk about a new MacBook Air 12-inch Apple is preparing to launch. It is said that this new portable would enter into production between August and September for an eventual release in October probably, although new information from Taiwan indicated that

MSI GT72 Dominator Pro: a powerful gamer laptop

The MSI computer manufacturer has unveiled a new notebook that is promoting as a replacement for the gamer's desktop computers. It is 17.3-inch MSI GT72 Dominator Pro new. This laptop has super aluminum inside housing from which we can find the hardware any gamer looking for. Despite having first hardware,

HP prepares a Windows laptop for only $ 200

Microsoft undoubtedly plans to give war to the famous portable Chromebook, which prove to be very cheap and are among the best-selling in the market. To do this, it is obvious that the software giant will need laptops that are sold at a very low price, and apparently at least

The Acer C720 receives a new processor

Although Acer tends to be associated with computers and Windows notebooks, the company also offers other products, e.g. mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and even portable alternatives such as the Chromebooks. The Taiwanese company has been very aggressive with respect to laptops that run with the operating system