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“Google GO” This Mobile Application Will Read For You

Technology giant Google introduced a super mobile application which will read for people even in their regional languages also.Downloading this google application is now worthfull for people who were using or coming under regions were using 28 languages which is updated recently.This update is Inagurated in google India conference which

Google Play, The Super Payment Application

As we know google has contributed in technology world a lot as applications and modern devices.Majority of such intitiatives has pride of place in global level.Each application will show users something uique experience also.Here is another super payement application from google that is nothing other than google pay. Previosly this application

Moto G 2014 will receive LTE

It seems that the guys from Motorola are preparing to add LTE connectivity to the second generation of the G bike, which was launched this year, or at least that is what indicates the company's Brazilian Web site. The smartphone, which by the way was announced during the month of

Samsung Galaxy Alpha production will end in January

This is something a little unexpected: it seems that the life of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be shorter than many thought. According to new reports, the metal the South Korean smartphone, released during the month of August, will be discontinued. The production of the original Galaxy Alpha would end

South Korea receives an improved Galaxy Note 4

This is an old habit of Samsung. In their host country, the company always seems to launch a version of best technology on some smartphones after launching around the world. In this case, we have a new version of Galaxy Note 4, the most recent phablet of high range of

Samsung begins to manufacture modules LPDDR4 4GB

Samsung is without a doubt one of the largest companies in the electronics sector. South Korean giant is not only dedicated to manufacture mobile and sell them, but they also also manufactures many of the components of these devices, including screens, processors, and RAM memory modules. And speaking of the

Confirmed the release date of the Nokia N1

Nokia has maybe sold its devices and services division at Microsoft, but this does not mean that it is completely out of play. A few weeks ago the company announced a new tablet that runs Google Android operating system and is called Nokia N1. But at the time its release

HTC offers discounts up to 20% on their smartphones

During the weeks leading up to Christmas, there are many companies that begin to launch all kinds and color offerings to try to attract more customers. Many different products receive very good discounts, and these include of course to smartphones. If you're thinking that it is a good time to

iPhone6 4 inches would be launched by 2015

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple finally has given his fans something that are asking for a long time, and obviously we are talking about a larger smartphone (or two in this case). These models are equipped with 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch screens, but it is obvious