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Sony announces their own smart glasses

It seems that the Google Glass will have a new rival the year coming, since Sony has introduced its own smart glasses, although for now they are at the conceptual stage. Known as Single-Lens Display Module, this device can be perfectly used as normal glasses, or else we can put

Sony Announces SmartEyeglass, their own smart glasses

It seems that the famous Project Morpheus is not only intelligent attachment in which Sony has been working, since the company has recently surprised many by releasing the prototype of modern technology glasses known as the Sony SmartEyeglass, which obviously will become the Google Glass competition. While the Google device

Google doubled RAM for glasses fogged smart

Google announced via Google plus new units of her glasses fogged Glass, Google will own smart RAM 2 GB, which is twice the memory that is putting the glasses, with 1 GB only. Sources for The Verge website, Google also increased battery capacity for bifocals, according to information, the eyeglasses will