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Microsoft announces an event for January 21

What can we expect of Windows 10? So far Microsoft has revealed few details about the future version of your operating system, but at least we know that, for example, be a universal platform compatible also with laptops and computers both with tablets and smartphones. To announce some additional details

Bye bye to MSN Messenger

MSN Messenger is a software which had an enormous popularity to about 6 or 7 years ago, although the arrival of Facebook ended up with him in a short time. This messaging service, also known as Windows Live Messenger, was already withdrawn from nearly all markets except China's, but even

Windows XP launch a new Service Pack

Those still using Windows XP may be made with a new update for this operating system, provided it doesn't matter you apply the patches and improvements from the platform through non-official channels. Although the official support of Windows XP was abandoned by Microsoft the last April 8, a new Service

Microsoft removes 1500 apps from the Windows Store

Microsoft is making a clean in your applications, the Windows Store, shop and has already begun to remove many uses misleading or false. After modify its applications store certifications requirements to prevent false apps available in it, the company has begun to remove large amount of already existing applications, and

Microsoft will include rapid updates to Windows 9

While approaching the date of presentation of Windows 9 (supposedly will be announced at the end of September), more details are coming up to the net. On this occasion, rumors indicate that Microsoft wants Windows to become an operating system much easier to update from version preview of W9 or

Available Windows 8.1 update

About a week ago Microsoft announced some details about the new Windows 8.1 update. The company said that he planned not to launch an Update 2, they would launch several larger than the traditional updates for a few months. While some hoped this month update to incorporate changes in the

Meizu is preparing an impressive operating system

Meizu is not a company very focused in the development of operating systems, in fact their area is the development of new smartphones, not in vain is one of the largest retailers of the Chinese market. Even so, the company already unveiled a long time ago who was working with

Skype for Windows 8.1 now allows to edit messages

You ever do you think on the possibility of releasing a Skype message after submitting it? Probably yes, and Microsoft apparently also has thought the same thing and in fact believe that it would be a good feature for service, therefore have decided to add it. Tuesday has been released

New patent suggests the arrival of Siri in OS X

Siri, for those who do not know, is the virtual assistant that Apple uses in its iOS platform and made his debut alongside iPhone 4S already three years ago. Siri is available both for the iPhone as well as for the iPad, and the idea of that is released for