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LG prepares an 8K TV

Did you think that the best resolution is the 4 K? Well actually it doesn't, and there is at least one that is better, the 8 K. Of course there is no screen that is commercially available with this resolution, but it is possible that some will market the coming

Sony bets on curves TVs

When it comes to television, there are two features that are becoming popular in the market, and we are obviously talking about 4 K resolution and curved screens. Although they are two very good characteristics, they make TVs prices rise a lot, leaving them within the reach of very few

Samsung announces 105-inch TV

They may remember that in the framework of the CES 2014 fair Samsung unveiled a TV out of the ordinary: we are talking about the monster 105 inch that the company introduced at the famous Conference for several months. In this event, by the way developed in Las Vegas in

The Xbox One can play Blu-ray 3D in brief

Many people who bought the Xbox One when it was launched in November they didn't all happy to learn that the device was unable to read Blu-ray disc 3D. It is not that the hardware is not allowed to do so, but that the problem was on the side of