Continues to grow the sale of Chromebooks

The Gartner research firm has released a new report on the growth of the market of the Chromebooks so far for the year. In this report, the company says that the Chromebooks would sell more than 5 million units by year’s end. This marks a remarkable growth compared with last year, making it clear that portable low-cost using the Google cloud operating system increasingly are best-selling.

The Chromebooks are very cheap computers that offer all sorts of tools, usually costing between $200 and $300, but in other markets they might cost more. Include required a connection to use the vast majority of its tools Internet, Google applications are used and to install additional apps we must Access the store Play. Currently there are several companies that produce Chromebooks, Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba being some of them.

Isabelle Durand, Gartner analyst, said that competition in the sector of the Chromebooks are are stepping up increasingly as manufacturers released new models, and this year we have already seen new 8. Given that the PC market is no longer the strong and steady growth that had before, marketers are looking for new options, and there is where the laptops with Google SO come into play.

Gartner expects that the sale of Chromebooks this year will reach the 5.2 million units, marking an increase of nearly 80% in comparison to 2013, and now they are Samsung and Acer who lead sales. The year 2017 is expected that approximately 14.4 million units sold.