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Dell wants to sell 30 million notebooks in 2015

Say that the tablets and smartphones “killed” the laptops is a lie. Although sales have fallen, the truth is that every year many millions of laptops of all types and sizes continue to sell. Analysts who speak of the era “post-PC”, which would be the current one, have simply overly reacted to this phenomenon. Both the notebooks and desktop PCs continue to sell much at present, and in fact there are companies that have big objectives for the next year. One such company is Dell: the computer maker said it expects to sell 30 million laptops by 2015.

30 million laptops represent about 40% of current sales (we are not counting the traditional PCs), therefore it goes without saying that this is a great goal for Dell. Raise its market share to 40% would put Dell at the height of manufacturers like Lenovo and HP, who today occupy the first and second place in the ranking of sales, leaving Dell with the third. Even so, expectations of Lenovo and HP are also high, since each expects to sell 32 million and 35 million laptops by 2015, respectively. There is no doubt that a real war will take place in this sector of the industry.

Some estimate that Dell might be the big winner next year. Once Windows XP was definitively buried, the company has begun to notice an increase in your sales, mainly in the business market. The gamer notebooks are also selling more, and this includes the famous Alienware line of course.

And compared to this year, Dell believes it will sell between $ 20 million and 21.3 million notebooks, therefore the coming year we would see an increase of 50% in their sales, if everything goes as they hope of course.