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GOG releases support for 50 games on Linux

GOG, a popular site of video games and related merchandise for sale, recently announced that it now has support for a greater number of titles on Linux. The company had previously promised to expand to other system operations, and apparently is doing. Some months ago the firm announced that one of the plans for this year was to expand its presence by adding support in several of the major Linux distros.

In March GOG announced this news, also commenting that it is a project in which had a good time working. Although initially did not announce a date specific, yes it became known that Ubuntu and Mint distros would be that would receive the support initially, and others obtained in the course of the year.

It was believed that GOG would throw support in Linux during September or October, but it is clear that they have done sooner than expected, and even before than they initially expected. The idea was to launch a total of 100 games, but they opted not to delay the project so much and why they have announced the launch with 50 titles. Obviously the other 50 are still underway and will be coming in a few months.

There are some games that are making his debut on Linux since yesterday, Flatout, Sid Meier completo Colonization, Pirates! Gold Plus and Rise of the Triad, to name a few.

The company plans to provide files for each distro as well as the respective Ubuntu and Mint installation packages, since you are looking for is to maintain order and independence between the different distributions of Linux.

To celebrate the event, GOG has announced that more than 30 games will have discounts up to 75% until July 29. If you use Ubuntu or Mint, then this is a good opportunity for you.