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GoPro launch drones equipped with cameras

The cameras are the big business of GoPro, but that does not mean that the company is not interested in other sectors of the market. In fact, new data indicate that the firm would be interested in the development of drones, which would of course be equipped with their wonderful cameras. We are obviously not talking about military drones, but typical drones available on the market, which can be used both at the general level as business. These details were not officially confirmed by the firm, since they come from a publication by the Wall Street Journal, which is sometimes accurate and sometimes isn’t it.

Drones which would be working on GoPro have multiple engines and he is expected to have a cost of between $ 500 and $ 1,000, price that it would put them within reach of the pocket of a good number of people. The idea is that these drones can be used to make recordings and photographs from the air of different things that interest the user.

This type of flying robots are becoming increasingly popular among the lovers of airplanes, and model airplanes, and there are even some models equipped with cameras of very high-resolution and cutting-edge technology. These little ones need to be controlled by the user through your smartphone or a tablet, which is not always easy.

While many people directly placed a GoPro camera on its drones, the logical thing would be to was released one that already bring built, so that the camera can fall in mid-flight.

A date of release for these robots was not suggested.