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How to make your face appear more beautiful when you take a picture

Some people distrust and dissatisfaction about the features of their faces or their looks when you take a picture of them, considering some of the faces in the picture aren’t as interested or are not attractive as pictures of stars, this feeling has no person is sometimes if much prettier in reality than in pictures may show his eyes or a nose or exophthalmic skin dark color or black halos around the pupil eyes. Etc. And here are some of the base rules to appear in photos much nicer.

Choose the appropriate status
Better before I take a photo logohk have spent time away from the Sun and aladel this so that the pupils of your eyes has expanded more than the eye Iris in images are much nicer than the bhadk narrow eyes. As is known, the bright light leads to severe constraints, Iris, are the eyes in the photo in this case less aesthetic, which is widely used in the field of advertising. The designers and artists to focus on increasing the size of the pupil in ads and photos and paintings of the recipient’s attention to waterless poster or painting it looks nicer. And it is also best to think a moment take a picture of something makes you happy is really where this appears on your meathouses when taking pictures and this will remove you from the artificiality and makes your photos look beautiful and remember that silly less edgy and more comfortable in front of the camera the photographs.

Choosing the right light
Light is a key element in the process of filming. It is known that the color and light intensity varies in different places and the degree of lighting affects the nature of the image that is captured. So you should choose a bright white light and so leave the ocean of delusion (and of course the competence of expert photography or Professional Edition). Photographer Andres butcher says “strong light shining in the middle of the day help to clarify the various details in the image, the light Pacific, lends a touch of harmony between the elements of the image.

Choose the proper setting

Face: some people seem to look better in pictures when their bodies and faces at different angles, both sides of the face are not strictly identical in practice. You need to discover your corner best and try to show them when taking pictures. For example, even a big nose does not appear to be severe or do not take images from zawaia severe side never even sit straight, lift your Chin with the confluence of the viewfinder in a straight line with the center of your face and the emergence of the nose on your face disappears. Outlook: for a gdabeh or professional photos not focusing your lens on alcamera or directly down the lens but better to focus your gaze when capturing the image of a point above the lens a little alcamera about three sntmitrat to appear in the center of the eye pupil, therefore appear to your gdabeh. The smile: If the image you are family are beautiful in the picture if there is a smile on your face, a smile can add charm and freshness to your beauty. But use this advice in an appropriate manner, the broad smile that shows all the affected teeth can look bad in photos. Remember that a simple smile would suffice to appear beautiful.