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HP prepares a Windows laptop for only $ 200

Microsoft undoubtedly plans to give war to the famous portable Chromebook, which prove to be very cheap and are among the best-selling in the market. To do this, it is obvious that the software giant will need laptops that are sold at a very low price, and apparently at least three firms are willing to lend a hand. Within the framework of the Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 COO Kevin Turner has unveiled that they are preparing new notebooks that run with Windows and will be the competence of the Chromebooks, and one of these will be manufactured by HP and it will cost only $200, a very low price no doubt.

The specifications of the new HP Stream are unknown for now, although it is obvious that it will not be a powerful team. Turner has indicated that two companies have joined the cause and their laptops to be launched in a few months: one of these machines will be the Acer Aspire ES1 of 15.6 inches, while the other will be a Toshiba measuring 11.6 inches, costing $250 dollars each. The majority of the Chromebooks cost between $200 and $250, so the established prices are correct to give them competition. It is worth mentioning that HP is preparing two tablets that run with Windows and will be sold from $100, measuring 7 inches and 8 inches each.

Microsoft has already been long under pressure due to the launch of cheap devices with which the company cannot compete, since the price of the Windows notebook has never been precisely low. It seems that just now the firm of Redmond may be campaign to give competition to laptops that use the Google cloud operating system.