HTC offers discounts up to 20% on their smartphones

During the weeks leading up to Christmas, there are many companies that begin to launch all kinds and color offerings to try to attract more customers. Many different products receive very good discounts, and these include of course to smartphones. If you’re thinking that it is a good time to change the mobile, or if you want to give one to a friend or family member, then this is your chance. HTC has unveiled that it is offering significant discounts to their smartphones, any of which can be achieved even by up to 20% less. It is worth mentioning that these discounts and promotions apply only to devices that people buy from the website of the company.

That is not all, since bids apply also to mobile without a contract, which are obviously more expensive than those that we acquire with a contract through an operator. A discount of up to 20% on a device that costs hundreds of dollars sounds like a good deal without a doubt, so this is an ideal opportunity to buy a new smartphone.

It is clear that many will be thinking of doing with the powerful HTC One M8, which is considered one of the best mobile launched this year. Without a contract, the cost of this smartphone is $ 650, but if we apply the discount of the company we will pay much less, $ 520 to be exact, is say that we would be saving us $130. Other models available and with good discounts are the Desire Eye, the E8, One Remix and the Desire 610 for example. Editions for developers and factory unlocked models also receive offers.

HTC says that each customer can buy just a smartphone using the code HTCHOLIDAY20 during checkout.