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HTC Re: A new and small curious camera

In the event that took place yesterday, HTC unveiled a device on which we had already spoken earlier. It’s a super Pocket camcorder called the HTC Re. When someone buys a high-strength security camera expected something completely different, right? We must say that HTC has risked much with the design of the device, which by the way there is to confess that pretty good looks and even reminiscent of the classic submarine periscopes.

HTC seeks that users are comfortable when recording videos with your new camera, and this is possible to do so by holding it directly in our hand, or by using various accessories. Is worth mentioning that the Re HTC has a microSD slot and even has Bluetooth and WiFi, which allows you to connect to our smartphone to transmit content there, we can also use connectivity to upload videos to the cloud and within a few months it will be possible to even make streaming, but that role is not ready yet.

The Re HTC is a relatively small and compact camera weighing only 65 grams. Its technology must admit that it is pretty good, since he has a 16-Megapixel sensor and you can even record videos in Full HD at 30 FPS and 96fps if we want to achieve a slowmo effect. Its 8GB of internal memory can be expanded with a microSD as already mentioned, and the available RAM is 256 MB. Your battery is not very large, only 820mAh, but it is enough to record almost two hours of video. By the way, it is waterproof, so you can take it to the swimming pool and the beach without fear.

The Re HTC will be priced at $ 200 and will be available in white, cyan, dark blue and red. It is not yet on sale, but it hit the market in a few weeks.