LG Announces a new hybrid notebook with Android

The guys at LG have unveiled a new version of the Tab Book, a hybrid between tablet and notebook which was released long ago. The original version of the device runs with Windows 8.1, but in this case Android is the operating system that has been implemented. The new portable hybrid called the LG Tab Book 11TA740.

It is one of the few portable size (11.6 inches) that it has a Full HD screen, but that is not all, because the screen can be slid upwards to expose a physical keyboard, as we can see in the picture. The device weighs only 1 kg and measures approximately 16 mm thick when we use it in tablet mode.

The notebook has good technology, since it uses an Intel Core processor i5 of fourth generation running at 2. 6 GHz, besides that has 4GB of RAM, your graphics card is an Intel HD 4400, a 128 GB SSD drive is available for storage, and we will also have a microSD card reader. Other specifications include connectivity WiFi, two USB 3.0 ports and a HDMI output for example. The only problem with this tablet/laptop is that it does not have an updated version of Android, since it uses 4.3 Jelly Bean.

LG still has failed to meet a date of launch for its new hybrid device, and of course not announced a price yet, but it is known to be released initially on the South Korean market, as is the case with many of their products.