Microsoft has already lost $1.7 billion dollars due to Surface

Microsoft Surface tablets were initially conceived as rivals to the Apple iPad, and when the Surface Pro 3 was released some even saw a rival for the MacBook in it. But despite all the efforts of the firm of Redmond, it seems that the company is not making a profit, but otherwise, is losing lots of money.

According to Computerworld, Microsoft has already lost $1.7 billion dollars due to the poor sales of the Tablet Surface, an impressive amount without a doubt. The last time that we learned something about was many months ago and spoke of some $900 million at that time, but now the losses seem to have almost doubled and that is a very bad sign.

We don’t know exactly what Microsoft could make its tablets become more accessible and cheap, but if they don’t want to continue to have large losses they will have to do something soon. One thing should be clear is that losses from the Surface line are not capable of ending Microsoft and take it to the ruin: If the only giant to sell tablets is obvious that long ago it would have reached the end of his days, but because the company also sells other products and earn several times more than what loses with SurfaceIt is clear that it is able to absorb the loss, at least for now.

There are those who think that Microsoft should withdraw from this sector of the market, since after 3 generations of tablets still is doing pretty badly. What do you think in this respect? Is it worth trying to compete in this sector despite all the money that has been lost so far?