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MSI GT72 Dominator Pro: a powerful gamer laptop

The MSI computer manufacturer has unveiled a new notebook that is promoting as a replacement for the gamer’s desktop computers. It is 17.3-inch MSI GT72 Dominator Pro new. This laptop has super aluminum inside housing from which we can find the hardware any gamer looking for. Despite having first hardware, the new GT72 does not sacrifice thickness, is that it is a relatively slim team, although it is a bit heavier than most of the similar-sized laptops.

MSI is launching the new GT72 Dominator Pro in two different configurations, which in fact have few differences. One of these models, the Pro-007, comprises a total of 32GB of RAM DDR3L and four drives SSD 128GB in RAID 0. The other model is the Pro-010, which provides us with 24GB of RAM and two units SSD 128GB capacity each.

Both machines include a processor Intel Core i7 to 2.5 GHz built on an Intel HM87 chip. The GPU which brings is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M, one of the most powerful on the market, that offers 8GB of DDR5. Other specifications include a hard disk of 1 TB 7200 RPM, a tape recorder, Blu-ray, six ports USB 3.0, two ports mini DisplayPort, one HDMI port and a SD reader and a 9 cell battery. These portable cooling system is the same one that incorporate Twin Frozr of MSI video cards.

The GT72 Dominator Pro screen measuring 17.3 inches as already mentioned them and boasts a Full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. Include also Full HD webcam, Dynaudio speakers with subwoofer, and a keypad with backlight and soft keys.

The Pro-010 is priced at $2600, while the Pro-007 costs $3000.