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Nintendo announces new models of the 3DS

The guys at Nintendo have unveiled some new models of its famous portable console, the Nintendo 3DS. The new devices are called simplementes New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS LL, and obviously retain the original console design. One of the most notable changes that we find is the addition of a second analog stick on the right side.

On the front we have new buttons ZL and ZR, which allow users to use less the lower screen of the device when they want to change the angle of camera for example. According to media specialized in the field, slot for cartridges has been changed of place and also added a reader for microSD. A new NFC module has been integrated so that the 3DS can connect with figures of Amiibo. Both models introduced a system called “Super Stable 3D”, thanks to which it manages to keep 3D effect of the screen top for a longer time and from different angles.

The New 3DS of normal size includes a 3.88 inch 3D display at the top and bottom is 3.33-inch device weighs 253 grams, while its thickness is 21, 6mm. The largest model, the New 3DS LL, has a thickness of 21, 5 mm and screens of 4.88 inches and 4.18 inches, although their greater weight: 329 grams.

Titles that can only run on these improved models are apparently already preparing. Both New 3DS will go on sale in Japan in October and will cost $ 155 and $180 dollars. It is not yet known when will arrive in Europe and the United States, although some say they will take to the coming year, so we still have several months of waiting ahead.