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OS X Yosemite would come in October with new Mac

OS X Yosemite is the name of the next major version of Apple’s operating system for computers and portable Mac. This version is entering into a phase of public beta today, so those who are interested already will go downloading it, but remember it’s a beta and could therefore present different errors. According to some recent rumors, OS X Yosemite will be officially launched during the month of October.

The idea of Apple is going by launching new versions beta every two or three weeks until September 29. Subsequently, on October 10, would release the final version of the platform, to be available to the public in general, not just for developers. Remember that Apple plans to organize a new event in October and expected that the same are announced details of the operating system and also the new iPads for example.

But there’s more: Apparently Apple is working on a new 12 inch MacBook, something that we had already mentioned them previously. This team will be extremely lightweight and slim, with an aluminum casing. It is unknown if it will be considered a MacBook Pro, Air, or something else, but apparently Apple has many expectations placed in it. Let us remember that this laptop will run one of the new processors Intel Broadwell and not incorporate fan.

For fans of the Mac’s desktop, there is good news: the company from Cupertino is working on one that will have 4K resolution. Most likely it’s an iMac, although the details are not very clear on this point. Some say it could even be a monitor or a Thunderbolt screen. His arrival next to Yosemite will not be a coincidence, since the new version of OS X has been optimized for better viewing on screens with very high resolution.

New Apple Macs will be coming to the market sometime between October and December, although there is no date confirmed yet.