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PlayStation has wide lead on Xbox

When the Sony PS4 and Xbox One of Microsoft were announced, both industry analysts and also many users and players were very interested to see the performance that would have new consoles when they arrived to the market. Some add to the Wii U this race, but the truth is that this console from Nintendo cannot compete with its rivals, so we prefer to leave it out of the picture for now. The PS4 has been sweeping since it was launched last November, and recently the guys at Sony have unveiled the results for its first fiscal quarter of 2014, announcing that sales of the PlayStation platform have surpassed sales of the Xbox platform by a difference of 3-1. Case, do not forget to take into account that the PS platform involves not only the PS4, but also to the PS3, which today is still manufactured and sold around the world. The same happens with the platform Xbox, which are reflected both the Xbox One sales as also the of the Xbox 360. During the last three months, a total of 3.5 million units of the PS4 and PS3 were sold globally, which marks an increase of more than 2 million units compared to last year. Other products such as PS Vita, the PSP and the Vita TV are counted separately from the former, and this time the sales were also a bit higher, reaching 750,000 units. The war between PlayStation and Xbox has not ended, and unless a platform be discontinued insurance will last many more years, so Microsoft and Sony will continue to compete in the video game market for a long time.