Samsung begins to manufacture modules LPDDR4 4GB

Samsung is without a doubt one of the largest companies in the electronics sector. South Korean giant is not only dedicated to manufacture mobile and sell them, but they also also manufactures many of the components of these devices, including screens, processors, and RAM memory modules. And speaking of the latter, the company has unveiled that it just started the mass production of its new 4 GB modules LPDDR4. The LPDDR RAM memory is what is aimed at mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. These modules that the South Korean has started manufacturing will be used in devices from the year that comes, and it is possible that the Galaxy S6 is among the first to receive one.

LPDDR4 4GB modules are manufactured under Samsung 20nm technology. The company has promised speeds of input and output data of up to 3200Mbps, with an energy consumption that is 40% lower in comparison to the current LPDDR3 modules. But that’s not all: these modules will also help to popularize reproduction of contents as UHD in our devices, as well as recording videos in high quality.

Samsung expects the new modules ready for February or March of next year, so manufacturers will have enough time to adapt them to their devices. Of course the mobile first to integrated these new memories would not be available before may 2015 certainly so waiting will still be a bit long.

The idea that the S6 Galaxy has 4GB of RAM and also has a metal housing, as many rumors suggest, sounds very striking.

Tell us: what are your expectations for the market of smartphones by 2015? What type of mobile do that we are going to see?