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Schools and colleges are committed to the Chromebook

The iPad is still one of the most widely used in schools and colleges devices, but the Chromebooks are slowly taking away land. During the second quarter of this year, it is estimated that schools and colleges bought more than 1 million Chromebooks, laptops as we know they are very cheap and they run with a cloud-based operating system. This news was given to know yesterday same by Google.

The announcement reflects what the educators are looking for: teams that are cheap and very useful for students, and turn the truth is that the notebooks of the search engine company are. But the Chromebooks not can rest on our laurels: we know that HP has a Windows laptop for $ 200 at road, while Acer and Toshiba are preparing others that will cost $ 250 and also will use the Microsoft platform.

The growth in the use of Chromebooks in the educational system is no surprise really. Schools seek cheap devices and cheap or free software, and it happens that services like Google Docs or Drive are having free plans. Others such as Office, for example, have a cost.

An advantage of the Chromebooks front of the iPad is that, besides having a lower price, they have a physical keyboard, and we all know that typing on a physical keyboard and one virtual is not the same. And in the case that a Chromebook breaks, the loss will be small, but the same cannot be said if it occurs with an iPad.

These laptops without a doubt have many advantages, but to give them a good use it is necessary to have a connection to the Internet, but nowadays that is not a problem in most of the educational institutions.