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Sony Announces several new video games

Gamescom is next to the E3, one of the greater importance of the year video games conferences. As she was expected, many companies have been present to announce several new titles, and of course Sony is one of them. Japan has announced many games that will be coming to the PlayStation platform in 2014 and 2015, some larger than others.

Among the less striking have for example to The Tomorrow Children, developed by Q-Games and the European division of Sony CE. A game of horror called P.T. which is already available has also been announced and Mike Bithell has unveiled that “Volume” will be launched for PS4 and PS Vita in 2015. Rime, the new project of Tequila Works, also will arrive in the PS4 in the future.

Large studies have said present: Ninja Theory, the Heavenly Sword Developer Studio and the latest DMC, announced Hellblade. There are no many details about it by now, but apparently in the role of the protagonist, we will have a female character. This game will be released for PS4 in 2015.

Wild Sheep Studios has an exclusive title for the PlayStation 4, called simply “Wild”. It’s a video game world open which takes place 10,000 years ago. Players can take control of humans and wild animals.

Until Dawn, game that was originally released for PS3, will also come to PS4. This new version of the classic Supermassive Games also will be released next year.

And leave the best for the end: the first DLC of Destiny, called The Dark Below, will be available in December. Those who buy the upcoming Far Cry will receive 10 codes to share with friends, so they can try the game, and fans of Metal Gear’s insurance will be pleased with the new contents of MG5 shown at the event.