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Sony announces their own smart glasses

It seems that the Google Glass will have a new rival the year coming, since Sony has introduced its own smart glasses, although for now they are at the conceptual stage. Known as Single-Lens Display Module, this device can be perfectly used as normal glasses, or else we can put into action your screen OLED, in which you can see all kinds of important data for the user.

The screen is a OLED as already mentioned, and hardly 0,23 inches, but given how close that is our eye does not need to be bigger. Its resolution is 640 × 400 pixels, with a contrast ratio of 10.000:1. The device makes use in addition to a processor ARM Cortex A7 architecture that apparently falls short of what we can find in some modern smartphones. The Display Module Single-Lens a sensor also has WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, touch, a compass, an accelerometer and a 400mAh battery. It is noteworthy that its weight is only 40 grams, and can be divided into two parts of 22 grams (module processing, camera and screen) and 18 grams (other components).

Even though the device has been revealed for the first time yesterday, the company intends to also present it in January during the CES 2015. Those who want to try it will have to wait a couple of months even more. Sony has announced that it plans to begin mass production in the course of the coming year, but has not specified a date. The company will also provide developers an SDK so that they can create content for the device.

It seems that Sony has many projects between hands lately. Let us remember that the company already has a time working on another device that is placed on our heads, and we refer of course to the Morpheus Project, which is nothing more than his virtual reality helmet.