Sony new sensor cam curve for improving photography in the dark

Sony Corporation is working on improving the performance of photography in low light conditions to their own sensors, through innovative sensor CMOS curved like the human eye, and allows in more light.Despite the significant improvement in the performance of smart phones over the last two years, some believe that photography in low light conditions still need to be further developed.

According to Sony, the bending helped increase light sensitivity by 1.4 times in Center and twice at the edges, curved lenses had other advantages, as well as the fact of being able to associate with lenses and larger openings that let in more light. the Director of the hardware platform, “r & d of D R & Sony, bending in the imaging sensors allow the same amount of light the human eye.

Sony has created two curves, one for SIDS digital cameras and smart phones, where the first measuring 43 mm with comes the other measuring 11 mm. There is already the “Sony” in curved sensors “technique”, but the company is the biggest step that will allow the proliferation of this technology.