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The Acer C720 receives a new processor

Although Acer tends to be associated with computers and Windows notebooks, the company also offers other products, e.g. mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and even portable alternatives such as the Chromebooks. The Taiwanese company has been very aggressive with respect to laptops that run with the operating system Google cloud. If by chance any looking Chromebook that run with a powerful processor, then just it find, since the Acer C720 has been updated and now features an Intel Core i3.

According to Acer, now that the C720 has an Intel processor Core i3 company has become the first in the industry to offer a Chromebook with this chip. The previous version of this laptop came with a processor Intel Celeron, which obviously has a yield lower than the new Core i3, so if you are looking for a powerful Chromebook, this undoubtedly will be a good choice.

Eric Ackerson says that this is a moment of great to lead the Chromebooks sector, since customers are responding enthusiastically to such products, all thanks to the performances, possibilities and value offering. Acer launched its first Chromebook in the year 2011, and the new model with Intel Core processor i3 will serve to give consumers more of what they seek, it is not only performance, but also a longer battery life.

If you wonder by the specifications, this updated model of the C720 has a 11.6-inch HD screen, it has WiFi, has webcam and microphone and its ports include USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and HDMI. The available RAM varies between 2GB and 4GB, while for storage we have 32 GB SSD (more extra space in Google Drive of course). The version with 2GB of RAM costs $350, while with 4GB cost $380.