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The new 12-inch MacBook Air could be delayed

Long time we have been listening to rumors that talk about a new MacBook Air 12-inch Apple is preparing to launch. It is said that this new portable would enter into production between August and September for an eventual release in October probably, although new information from Taiwan indicated that the new Air could be delayed, being launched no sooner than November or December if we are lucky. If we are not lucky, then this MacBook will be launched newly beginning in 2015, so if you thought buy it you might have to wait several more months. What is leading to the launch of this new MacBook may be delayed? Apparently, it is due to a problem with the new chips Intel Broadwell.

This 12 inch laptop uses one of the new chips Intel 14nm Broadwell, and apparently the production of these has been delayed, so the same would apply to the new MacBook Air. Everything indicates that it is not possible to use a chip replacement, since this redesigned version of the Air has been especially developed with this type of chip in mind.

It is said that the new model will feature a much thinner chassis, becoming the MacBook Air thinnest to date, which is something that undoubtedly we all want to see. Other rumors indicate that the trackpad on this computer will not have mechanical buttons, and it is even possible that a fan, do not incorporate things that do have all other portable Apple.

Obviously Apple has not confirmed anything so far, and experience tells us that if we want to official data we expect that the new notebook is released or presented, which will happen, with a bit of luck, this year.