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The PS4 has already sold over 10 million units

The Sony PlayStation 4 has been a highly successful console, that there is no doubt, and the company is likely to be very happy with their performance in the market. Sales began in November last year and units sold passed the million quickly. Obviously in the months after the number of consoles sold is smaller, but that does not mean that yet they continue selling many.

Sony frequently Unveils total consoles sold globally, and recently during the Gamescom 2014 the German division of the company said that they have already achieved to pass the 10 million. Without a doubt it is a great goal. It is noteworthy that Sony is talking about units that are already in the hands of consumers, it does not refer to those who have been sent to resellers.

In the latter case, the number would be slightly higher without a doubt, we do not know exactly how much. Kaz Hirai, CEO of Sony, said in May that the company plans to sell 10 million units for the current fiscal year, which goes from April 2014 until April 2015. During the past three months the Japanese has managed to sell 3 million units, and has not yet Christmas, which is when there is the greatest amount of sales.

We should not be surprised if Sony gets its target easily, since the PS4 is currently sweeping. And what about the Xbox One? Because currently Microsoft has not announced how many units have been sold, but we are fully confident that still lacks enough to reach the PS4, since the new Xbox has always found behind his rival, even since it arrived on the market.