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The Xbox One can play Blu-ray 3D in brief

Many people who bought the Xbox One when it was launched in November they didn’t all happy to learn that the device was unable to read Blu-ray disc 3D. It is not that the hardware is not allowed to do so, but that the problem was on the side of the software. Fortunately, Microsoft has unveiled that within a few weeks, this function will be available. The company has confirmed that the Blu-ray 3D on the Xbox One disks support will come as part of a new software update that the console will receive the coming month. The new Xbox will receive this new development even before the PS4 for Sony, which is not capable of reading 3D Blu-ray yet.

August update will include other developments of course, and it is noteworthy that it will incorporate new social features. The interface Activity Feed will change your design, to use a single column that displays much more content. Users can write reviews, give “I like”, share videos of games and much more.

A simple enough feature that many have been waiting for a long time will be also integrated in this new update, and in fact Microsoft has said that it is one of the features most requested by the Xbox community. When our remote control battery begins to run out, now we will see a notice on the screen. This notification can be turned off while we are playing a video for example, so will not cause discomfort. There will also be able to buy games via or through the Xbox SmartGlass, and if our console has automatic updates enabled, then the download will begin as soon as you have paid for the game.

The arrival of this update date was not announced, but we know that it will be available sometime during the next month.