Moto G 2014 will receive LTE

It seems that the guys from Motorola are preparing to add LTE connectivity to the second generation of the moto G, which was launched this year, or at least that is what indicates the company’s Brazilian Web site. The smartphone, which by the way was announced during the month of September, not only will win the ability to connect to LTE networks, but it will also have several changes in their specifications, all which will make is a much more attractive device for the public.

The LTE G 2014 Moto takes a weight of 155 grams instead of 149 grams, according to the details found in the mentioned portal. Its storage capacity will be increased, now featuring 16GB instead of the original 8 GB, and as if this were not enough the battery will be replaced by one of 2390mAh, which is slightly better than the 2070mAh that comes by default. The rest of the specifications of the smartphone, including the Snapdragon processor 400 quad – core to 1. 2 GHz, 1GB of RAM and HD 5 inch screen, remain identical to the original model.

The web site does not indicate a release date for this improved version of the G bike, but unless it is known that it will arrive in Brazil market at some point, suggesting that it could also be launched in other emerging markets, but at the moment there is nothing that points to that. A smartphone with LTE mid-range undoubtedly could give many benefits to Motorola in other markets of the globe.

Tell us: what do you think about the Moto G 2014? And you think this improved version that adds support for LTE networks?