The Super Payment Application

As we know google has contributed in technology world a lot as applications and modern devices.Majority of such intitiatives has pride of place in global level.Each application will show users something uique experience also.Here is another super payement application from google that is nothing other than google pay.

Previosly this application was in the name of “TEZ” recently new update in the application portals like android play store we can see thatis application as “GOOGLE PAY”.Unique quality of this application from other same type of payement application is simplicity of usage and free of cost usage.Even a person with simple knowlege in smartphones can easily download this android application and use this by updating their bank accounts in this application.

One main advantage of this application is person who downloaded and using this application can send and receive money directly from the bank account.Merit of this way is safety of money in the bank account rather than adding money in applications.Google Pay will works on all banks which support BHIM UPI.

Dowloading this application “GOOGLE PAY” from android play store will helps your bil payments of mobile phones and other television services like DTH also.

Google play is also providing reward for using downloading and transaction through this application.for each eligible transction.For first transaction google pay will give Rs51 directly to the bank account.if your friend has dowloaded this application by ypur request you will get Rs101 on his first payment.If anyone is paid or get paid through GOOGLE PAY will get scratch card may have upto Rs1000.Same scratch card will get when anyone pay their monthly bill.Now a limited period offer is also available fot this mobile application users.That is iperson who using GOOGLE PAY application for minimum Five times in this month can earn upto RS100000.

Other than all this offers ultimate real and permanant merit of this android application is security and simplicity of usage.Hope everyone will feel whuo are dowloading this application and using this.Its availabel in adroid play store.Its rating in adroid play store is 4.5 out of 5 stars.