This Mobile Application Will Read For You

Technology giant Google introduced a super mobile application which will read for people even in their regional languages also.Downloading this google application is now worthfull for people who were using or coming under regions were using 28 languages which is updated recently.This update is Inagurated in google India conference which is conduceted in Delhi.This mobile application is useful even in some of social networking applications also.Downloading this application is completely worthful. It is available in android play store also.This mobileapplicaton will serve in a various manner which other application never did till now.By reading a topic will aid users their work easy.

This mobile application will recite contents on web pages or other sources for you.Now its simple to understand anything even by hearing instead of reading it.This application with just 5.5mb which is available in google play store will definitely change your life style.Simplicity in usage and availability of various option will aid this application to a various level for users a variety experience.

Let see how to use this mobile application.After downloading this application open it simply as usual in other applications.When opening this application allow all the permissions which application is recommended while opening that.After opening the application select your language.Malayalam is also availbale in this apllication.According to convenience select language.

After all the primary setup has been finished select the page has to be read.When the page get loaded a play button will be active under that web page.Click on that play button then comes the google go by reading the web page clearly even in your regional languages even if it malayalam also.This mobile application is providing an option to increase or decrease the speed of reading.