Muslim Names Android App

A new pro app has by far got the largest offline collection of Islamic Muslim baby names and its growing in the android market. According to a Muslim Hadith in Islam, children must be named promptly on birth. Hence Muslims must choose a name that has a good meaning, that will bring blessings to the kids throughout their life.

One should always remember that the name given to a child is his/her first gift in life. The name must be meaningful. Why Muslim names with meaning ? The Prophet was very particular about it and have always changed names that were derogatory. The name chosen would mostly be the names of prophets, names combined with Asmaul Husna ; 99 names of Allah (Names of God), names from history or the traditional Arabic names. This name dictionary app is a comprehensive name selector. Find Islamic Muslim baby names of Urdu / Arabic origin, in English, with meanings and translation for Islamic name for baby boys and girls.

Its completely offline and free and there are several Muslim names provided for both boys and girls. Meaning of names detailed in English, for every Muslim names. Way for search via alphabetic listing of popular baby names (Islamic). Search box provided for a fast search to quickly find Islamic names and meanings. Quick access buttons for previous, next and random names option are given in this name finder, along with swipe option. List of names by gender, distinguished by meaningful backgrounds; pink background for Muslim girl names & blue background for Muslim boy names. Add to favorite option. Largest collection of popular Muslim Baby Girl names & Muslim baby Boy names.

We have tried our best to provide accurate information within smallest possible size for android. Please verify accuracy of baby names and their meanings with an Imam (guide) at your local Masjid. We are dedicating this to all Muslims and non-Muslims alike, in hope to spread the knowledge of Islam and Allahu Akbar. Since users do not find any complaint or any difficulty in using the new android application, we can also see that the application has a high value of rating and they have also left their best reviews that do explains the advantages of the application. The application has been found to be viral among the android users, and there is a good news for the iPhone users as there are developers who have also designed an iTunes app for the Muslim names with the best features they could implement in the app to provide the best quality in performance. The application is implemented with reciting options, reading facilities with their right meanings and a special facility to study the Muslim names with the best teacher’s guidelines. You can download the new android application from the required link provided here.