New English-Malayalam Dictionary

One of the important problem most one facing is that their week knowledge in english communication or english reference.Now days most of the referring books or sites are in english knowledge.If one want to know the details or description about something,he/she will search on google and they can refer it from the wikipedia. But the problem is happening if they are week in english language.In most application for a job or for an education joining form,you have to fill your details in english. It is a must doing procedure.

Many types of dictionary are available now in market form different companies.It will help you increase the knowledge about the english.You can refer when you feel any doubt on something.The dictionaries are very helpful while you are studying or reading some book,because if you any doubt or feel difficult to understand you can check the doubtful word’s meaning on your dictionary.But one of the disadvantage of this dictionary is that it is very difficult to handling .

That is it is not comfort to take while you are travelling or settle another place for just few days.Another disadvantage is that it may take more time to search the meaning you want to.The small size dictionaries are also available it is good in handling but because of it’s small size there is a chance of missing.

To over come all these problem I am here to describe about an app which you can use in your android phones.This dictionary app will be a good helper to you when you want to find the meaning of any word.This is a complete english malayalam dictionary.This application will be very fast to give the out put.The official Android app of Olam,is a fastest english malayalam-dictionary. Yo can Quickly search for hundreds of thousands of definitions of English words.
Please note: it will take around 30-35mb after installation as the complete database is offline.
Popular 3 apps avialable now google playstore : just search on playstore ” olam” “English Malayalam Dictionary” “Malayalam – English Dictionary”