Amazon Streams Prime Music In Indian With The Best Service !!

Amazon is a great platform right now. Even Malayalam movies are being released on Amazon now. Besides, Amazon is now a music party. Amazon India, a leading e-commerce company, has launched the Amazon Prime Music service. Prime Music is currently only available on Amazon’s Prime customers. The Amazon Prime music service is available to customers through the website, either through the Android app or through the iOS app. Prime Music was a service available only on Amazon Echo Speakers. That’s what Amazon is now offering for all Prime users. Amazon Alexa users can use Prime Music directly via Alexa.

Once Alexa is on, tell them which song we want or which playlist we want to play. The first person to use Amazon Prime Music should choose what kind of music they like. Amazon Prime Music will modify their music interface according to our instructions. Amazon Prime Music is only available to Prime members. The Amazon Prime membership costs Rs 999 a year. The Amazon e-commerce website also has some advantages. Gana, Apple Music, Google Play Music and Hungama are the main competitors of Amazon Prime Music. The song charges Rs 1020 per year, Sawan Rs 1050 and Apple Music Rs 1200 per year.

Prime music is sure to gain huge popularity. In addition, this amount includes Amazon Prime video service and free delivery of products purchased through the e-commerce service. It has songs in most languages ​​of India including Malayalam. Unlike other music services, Amazon Prime Music has no ads. We can listen to our favorite songs without interruption. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But all the songs from the new movie are available in it. It is estimated that there are about 2 million songs. Amazon Prime Music is one step ahead of Prime users when it comes to integrating Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Video and other services on the e-commerce website.

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