An App To Remove Chinese Apps From Your Smartphone !!

Recently, a number of Chinese applications were banned in India. The application, including Tik tok, came unexpectedly from India. But an app that helps to remove China apps from the phone has gone viral in India. This is an application that helps to remove Chinese applications from our phone. This app is number one in the app category in the Google Play Store in India. It was released on May 17 in the App Play Store. More than 50 lakh people have downloaded this app so far.

Once the application is installed and opened, you will see the Scan button. Clicking on it will show a list of Chinese applications installed on our phone. To the right of each application in the list, you will see the option to remove that application. Clicking on it will remove the app from the phone. Apps currently installed on Chinese phones cannot be removed with these apps. This app has a rating of 4.9 in the Play Store. The main reason for this app going viral is the anti-Chinese sentiment that has emerged as part of the problems on the Indo-China border.

This application is made by OneTouch AppLabs. One Touch App Labs says that this app is made for educational purposes. This app helps users to find out from which country the application is installed and where the source of the application is. The app is reportedly gaining popularity not only in India but also in Australia. This app ranks fifth in the app category in Australia.

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