How To Clean Burnt Pan Easly!

This little bit of description of how to clean Scorched Pan. In our day to day life, we cook different type of recipes but at a bad thing sometimes we will forget it about a pan which boiling in the kitchen. Here is an easy way to solve this problem uncomplicatedly and clean without any expense. Several types of solution is in front of us and we gonna be saying some of the solutions. Firstly by using Vinegar and Baking Soda.

Initially pour some water and at the same level pour the vinegar at the top of the pan and heat the diluted vinegar and allow it to boil. After a minute remove the vinegar and take a tablespoon of baking soda and pour the empty pan and baking soda helps to remove the staining and srub the portion as well and rinse it clean. The another cleaning element is Salt especially coarse Kosher salt with dish detergent or hot water or a slice of lemon.

The mixture should apply the burnt pan. Another way to clean by using Cream of tartar. Initially take a tablespoon and mix with water and boil with pan the wait for cool the pan and scrub the pan it will become more stainless. Another way to easy to clean the pan by using soda. Firstly heat the pan and pour the soda and cover the bottom of the pan. Wait for the soda to carbonate to loosen the burnt grime then wash the pan clean.

The Alka Seltzer is another way to clean the scorched pan. Add one or two tablets into the hot water it helps clean well and scrub the pan. Another item is that ketchup which helps to remove the heavy burns on pans. Paste the ketchup at the affected place and after 15 minutes clean with a scrubber and it also helps to clean the pan. In this subject 10 more tips are available and this tip is more helpful for households.

The following video is to help to clean your pan as well

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