Dictionary Ultimate Android App

Malayalam Dictionary Ultimate application is introducing a complete offline dictionary that helps to seize the words meaning of Malayalam and English words uncomplicatedly. Most of the dictionary users can’t use while reading EBook/PDF/website articles such as. But Malayalam Dictionary Ultimate application gives an easy way to capture the words meaning by copying the word of EBook/PDF/website articles. Most of the readers stayed on this application.

The authenticity of this dictionary keeps by OED(Oxford University Press) Chambers, Collins, Longman, Macmillan and Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary because the most of the words are published by these publishers mentioned before. The Malayalam Dictionary interface is very simple which includes only two bar and one of that is typing bar and other one provide words meanings in Malayalam or English, Noun and usages which helps to know steadily.

The side of the typing bar provide a button which includes eleven options as Notification Centre, Bookmark this word, Pronounce, Say, View History, View Bookmark, Share, Setting, Share this app, Rate Me and Contact. The Notification Centre is an interesting option to know daily quiz of the day and also provide other general information which helps study well. The second option named Bookmark this word which helps mark that word for rewind to study.

If users don’t know about pronunciation it helps the third option and if you mad to write a word you can simply say the word by clicking the fourth option. View history is more helpful to know previous words that users checked. Share and setting option also provided such other application. If you more comfortable in this application you can suggest this application to your friends. Lastly this application provider also added email contact to them.

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