Do 5G Could Be Expected As A Technology Milestone ?

Technology is going to poke everyone by surprise. New ones are coming in every day. Even things that were not even in our distant dreams have now become possible. Smart phones and networks have changed people a lot. People can live without food for a while now but they can’t live without the internet because the net is now a part of our lives. People are trying to come up with something even better.

People were a lot happier when 4G came out. Now that the speed will get the net. 4G did not disappoint their expectations. But it is human nature to want the best in everything. To get the best, to find the least. The same is true of the net. People want 5G instead of 4G. Meanwhile, a lot of 5G phones were launched. In fact, will 5G get net speed immediately?

But you can get high banding 5G in JIO. The Government of India is now focusing on 4G, which is looking to further strengthen the 4G. The first thing to consider when buying a 5G phone is what band support it has. It is learned that 5G will be launched in September. But it will only reach big cities first. In cities like Mumbai and Chennai, when 5G comes, 4G will not go immediately. There is nothing to be afraid of. For years after 4G, nothing happened to 3G. So there is no need to rush and buy a 5G phone.

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