Don’t buy pots Easy Pot making tutorial!

Mostly its pandemic and lockdown period, every one must be at home. So here we introduce how to utilize the time effectively. This capsule about how to make indoor pot making at home. Firstly you should be patient and work and try a couple of time to attain perfection. The materials wants to make pot such as cement, sand either sand from sea or river is okay for use, two pot mould one bigger and one smaller and these two should have atleast a half inch between two pots for cement filling.

A knife for leveling cement and water for mixing cement and sand lastly a place to make mixture. Please note the ratio either becomes fail. Take two and half small cup of sand and one cup of cement then mix thoroughly. After this be very careful for adding water if water is more, then it will get messy and don’t make it too watery. When you take that mixture in hand and try to make a ball, it should. If water is more, it will effect the finishing also.

Have a care about you hand by wearing gloves or washing hand frequently. Firstly fill the base of the mould and keeps around one and half to 3/4th inch thick. If you check the thickness of base just use your finger and dip into the cement and if any need to hole in the pot please feel free to add the holes. If required, poke holes using a small stick or finger. Next the second small mold on the top of the filled base. It should be centered and equal gaps in four sides.

Next step, hold a hand on top fill the cement mixture by sides of pot. Becareful to hold it well and fill. the molds should not move. Don’t fill one side full at a time. Fill little on one side then move to other side. The important thing while filling may think the mold is filled but it is not. Take a sharp object and poke the sides so the gaps will be open and then fill it again.Then only it should be tightly packed, so as to get a perfect finishing otherwise crack may form.

The final finish ny using the knife itself then trim the edge and shape it. Here you can see its almost ready and around 40% of the work is done. The next step to do with patience is that the loosen up the edges of small pots. Use hands and press lightly and hold on to one side with one hand and with other hand try to lift lightly. Have patience that gain 100% successful. After the lifting of small pots makes fill the small gaps.

The detailed information about this watch following videos.

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