Download Clean Master to maintain and accelerate the Android.

Clean Master application occupies first place globally in the area of maintenance and acceleration of smart phones that run the Android OS, Android is the Android System cleaner and most downloaded memory accelerator in the world. As the number of application users to more than 50 million users and is still growing to this day. Acceleration of the RAM memory and Task Manager to speed up applications games considerably. Cleaner deletes the damaged files and persistent on the Android system (cache and the remaining files) that consume a large volume of storage space available on your Smartphone.

Application Management App Manger: where you can move applications from phone to SD Card SD card, remove applications that you have installed already, you can also copy any application. Clean Master program accelerate your phone instantly by deleting files, and also to delete unnecessary files and archives are a large size which negatively affects the speed and performance of your Smartphone. Privacy is very important and many applications silently recording personal data, such as browsing the Web, and what you find in Google and more, Clean Master will clear your private data and keep your privacy safe.

First is there a shortcut for the application or a small icon on the home screen of your phone shows you the percentage used by the RAM, so just drag this icon to the middle of the screen and then drop the self clean the Ramat Gan device quickly and is working to raise and improve the performance of your phone. Second advantage is that they are adding a quick shortcuts bar for Bar notifications so you can quickly access the application, these shortcuts are the size of RAM currently used and Scout and alarm and open applications.

The background so you can shut it down and quickly and enjoy the speed difference once you close the applications that consume memory RAM. Clean Master program is a fun piece remain on your desktop screen, wetiih you see memory status. And if you want to scan some files to free up RAM, simply drag the window to the center of your screen and leave the rest to the vacuum cleaner it will work perfectly and you will clean your computer and removes files and frees you to be part of the memory.

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