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Ente Ration Card – Uses & Benefits

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Before knowing about the Ente Ration Card application, one should know about the ration card and how many types government provides such as. Basically, the ration card allows citizens to grab their ration products from the city supply. Different types of rations are categorized on the basis of the colour of the ration card. Still, lots of people are confused about how to use this application of ente ration card. Maybe this application is more chance to help all citizens.

The Government of Kerala starts a most innovative application for all ration card holders under the control of the civil supplies department. this application featured that digital ration card at your fingertips, that’s all. Ration cardholders can use this application feature as an E-service application, moreover, we can simply know about application status and monthly quota. The government of Kerala demands that we secure all information about ration cardholders. Ration card users can simply know about their family member’s details.

Ente ration card application is still available in the android version and maybe the ios version will be launched soon. This application helps to easy access to all providers from the civil supply department. With Just a click ration holders can know about their details very easily and securely. The concerned department of this application is the Civil supplies Department, Govt of Kerala. The focused purpose of this application is to provide all the ration card details and other services to Kerala citizens through a mobile app.

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This application grabs only 2.5 MB of your device and the application was developed by the national informatics centre (NIC). Users can log in by their number without any other details. The interface of this application is user friendly and users can access their information in their mother tongue. Basically, this application saves users precious time. The Kerala government also focused on digitalising all departments for easy access to information and government approvals. By using this application Users can check their ration card information at any time of anywhere.

Last, before the year the pandemic becomes more educated by using sMARtphone and more aware of the digital world. One of the merits while a pandemic is the vast use of smartphones. All information under our fingertips such as education, govt allowance etc. This application is free from the google store and its services also free. The registration number is mandatory for this application and OTP will receive your registered number. After OTP verification users can access all information about them simply. Kindly please note that users can’t apply for a new ration card through ente ration card app.

Ente Ration Card Android Link

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