Gmail Go App for less RAM and Storage !!

Google has released the Android version of the Gmail Go app. Low RAM and storage is enough for this app to work. The Gmail Go app uses less data than Google’s major Gmail app. The app also works on low speed mobile data networks. This is a new app from Google’s Go series. Go apps are apps made by Google with special care for phones with low memory and storage. Google Go apps are targeted at low-end phones in developing countries like India and Brazil. Google Assistant, YouTube and Google Maps now have a Go version.

Mobile data speed and the cost of mobile data is a major issue in developing countries. Therefore, Google has paid special attention to reduce the rate of data usage in Go apps and Go apps run at low data speeds. You can use multiple Gmail accounts at the same time in the Go app, just like in the Gmail main app. It has the feature of showing the replies along with the mail we sent. You can also attach and send the file. New apps will also receive notifications on the Go app. There is also a feature that categorizes emails into primary, social and promotional. This app has 9.15 mb. Storage space larger than 20.66 MB will not be used.

The Gmail main app uses up to 43 MB of storage space. Apparently there is no big difference between Gmail Go app and Main app. Disadvantages of the Gmail Go app is that some have reported minor issues when scrolling the mail list. This app will only sync mails for the last few days, in order to reduce mobile data usage. The Gmail Go app can now only be installed on phones with the Go version of Android Orio OS. Google has not specified whether it will be available for other phones.

Gmail Go android application is the new updated application that has been provided with all the features of Gmail app much more lighter than the existing application. Though we have mentioned all the features about the app in a brief, there are much more features like the Gmail app. Providing 15 GB of free storage where you can even forget to delete the received messages. And the app is built with lighter features where you can organize multiple accounts with a smarter inbox and less spam. You can directly download the application from the android store and install it into your smartphone.

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