How to Install Android OS on your Computer !

Install Android on your computer with Windows using VirtualBox or virtual system. Although you can do many things on your Smartphone or Tablet device, but there is still preferred to use the PC as it provides greater flexibility in handling reverse smartphones. You will not use it to check the Android system and how it works! As there are many programs that allow you to experience Android on your computer where are the best programs that let you experience the performance of Android on your computer before buying any Smartphone or tablet that runs Android.

So why install Android on your computer is like using a smart phone into your computer? The answer simply. To install Android on your computer you will be able to run and test applications Android on your computer and you can play games for Android and Android on your PC like you own a smart phone running Android. Now you can install Android as an imaginary system besides Windows, using the so-called phantom order where VirtualBox and VirtualBox software you can install any OS besides Windows, and through this idea will be able to install android on your computer.

This wonderful and very nice-you will have a full Android environment like you have smart phone on the PC. You will have access to Google and play and installed the latest Android apps & games, run, and play them on your PC. If you like the idea I recommend follow up! As we pointed out, you can use the software only. For example, the BlueStacks program lets you install and run Android applications on the computer, this method is an alternative choice and gives you an integrated Android on your computer, or you want to install the Android system to enjoy the full features of your computer. The following lines!

Requirements to install Android on your computer system
You’ll need first and foremost to download:
1. download and install VirtualBox on your machine.
2. download the latest version of Android (download the latest version 4.3) you can visit this page to make sure you download the latest version of the Android system of Google.
Now explain how to install Android on your computer
After downloading VirtualBox software, run the program, and then click on NEW, then adjust the settings as follows in the Name box: type any name you want, and in the box Type: select either box Version, Linux version 2.6-run. Then click Next in the next window choose your RAM 512 MB, the RAM will be directed directly to program, then press twice. Note: you must have a 3 GB or more free space.

Then hold the Next in the same default settings do no change until Setup is finished. Then press start Start with the elevation as shown in the following picture. Turn it, click on the folder icon or the review as in the following image, and then choose the ISO file that you downloaded from Google’s Android system. In preparation for installation. And then pressing the Start as the following picture. And now, just wait until you see the installation screen. Choose your last option is to install the Android system, and then press Enter. Then click on Create/Modify partitions and is the first choice in the list. And then press Ok. Now all you have to do is select New. As shown in the following picture.

And then select and press the Primary. Then Enter. Immediately after will show you the space that you have selected to be cropped from a card for you and for the new Android system. Then press Enter. Then click on the word Write in the following window. Then type Yes and press Enter. Wait a bit until you see a new window simply select and pressing Quit. Another screen will appear. Choose the first option and that you created and then Enter then choose option 2 and then Enter. Then click on the word Yes. And wait until the initialization is complete. Then click on Yes. Then press Yes again. Now you have to wait a bit until the new Android system is installed. Then click on Reboot. Wait until you restart the program. Now that the Android system is installed successfully! Congratulations. Now press Run Android Without Installation. Will be running Android. And not even having trouble with a mouse click on a Machine, and then click on Disable Mouse Integration. and then press Skip.

When you login to Google Google Play PlayStation Store will ask you to log in using Gmail mail if you don’t have a account, you can register a new account, so you can download and install apps and games for Android and play them just as if you were running from a smart phone running Android and the next image explains everything. Now that Android has become complete on your computer! You can login to shop Google play, select and install what you like of apps and games. This is much better than programs like BlueStacks, but what distinguishes the BlueStacks program is quickly installed and running either Android Android OS installation requires many steps and maybe not liking for beginners but the result that would have deserved all that tired. And now enjoy a complete environment including all the characteristics and features of Android in smartphones , characteristic of this method is the possibility to install the latest of Android and that in itself is something very beautiful and gorgeous.