Incredible App Built With Meaningful Muslim Names

Being a parent or having a child is one of the most lovable emotions that exist in this world. And so naming them with the best names comes as great responsibility as the name should reflect their behavior in all means. This way of naming exists mainly in Islam religion where the believers name their children with meaningful names. In Islam, the Almighty Allah has been named with different 99 names that is mentioned in the Holy Quran. And there are more other meaningful names in Islam which can be named for your children. The fact is like every other names, there are names suitable for your children by gender wise.

However to find all these names is difficult for anyone as most of us aren’t aware of these meaningful names. Though an amazing android application helps you by providing the meaningful names that exists in this religion. Islamic baby names is the new and updated android application that provides you the best and meaningful names across the world. There are almost 5000+ collection of Islamic names with meanings for a Muslim baby. And the best feature of this application is that the app is completely offline and free of use. You could also find the right name for your baby from the collection of Muslim baby names using the name generator feature.

You could see that most of the Islamic names are used to be in Arabic language as just because Prophet Muhammad was an Arabian and very particular of it. As we have already mentioned the names of the God Allah, all of them concludes to be called as Asmaul Husna which lists out 99 names of the Allah. You could select one of them that makes you most related with your child or you could select names for your baby from the names of prophets In Islam religion. There are a lots of collection of several historic names and traditional Arabic names from holy Islamic books. And the names are even described with the meanings in English for every Muslim boy and girl names.

Describing the new android application Islamic baby names, we could see that the analytical records of the app shows that there area thousands of users who have downloaded and installed the app from the android market into their smartphone. If you want to select the names of Allah, there is a feature that lists out them separately which makes the user ease in user experience. You can download the application from the android market or you can directly download it from the link we have provided here.